Wellness Resources


LOCAL RESOURCES:                                    

  • MMC/MMP Peer Support Program: This program provides confidential, peer-to-peer support for providers and is co-led by Dr. Lisa Almeder. You may access the program by email at peertopeer@mmc.org or by contacting Dr. Almeder.
  • Daniel Price, MD: Dr. Price is the Program Director for the Psychiatry Residency Program and he is available for residents and fellows in need of short-term counseling. You can contact him by email through MMC email.
  • Maine Behavioral Health Care Program (BHCP): If you wish to find a mental health provider outside MMC and you are using the Anthem health insurance plan, go to the BHCP webpage to find a provider or call 1-800-538-9698. The BHCP will approve eight counseling sessions to start and help you find an in-network provider.
  • Medical Professionals Health Program (MPHP): The MPHP supports Maine's healthcare professionals who struggle with substance use and behavioral health illnesses.
  •  MMC Chaplain Services: Members of the chaplaincy team are available to anyone in need of their services. They may be reached in their office (1st floor of the Maine General Building) or by phone at 207-662-2951. Chaplains of specific faiths are also listed on their webpage.
  • Meditation Room: MMC offers a meditation room on the 1st floor of the East Tower. 
  • World’s Gym: Free to all residents and fellows! 
  • LifeBalance: This free service provides confidential consultation, community and online resources, booklets and audio recordings. It is available 24/7 by phone at 1-877-259-3785 or on the web.  Please contact Dr. Lu or Dr. Strout for the Maine health institutional user ID and password.


  • Naturespace (free) – Relax, meditate, focus sleep and rest with high-res 3D sounds and sonic therapy for stress relief
  • Headspace (free, subscription) – Bite-sized meditation made simple
  • The Mindfulness App (subscription) – “Meditation for Everyone”
  • Buddhiffy ($2.99) – Rated by Buzzfeed as the best meditation app to ease anxiety


  • Emergency Medicine Specific:
    • Academic Life in EM (ALiEM): This started out as an educational blog in 2009 for Dr. Michelle Lin to store Tricks of the Trade notes, and has now evolved into an umbrella organization housing online educational platforms and virtual communities. ALiEM has a terrific archive of wellness initiatives, articles, and resources specific to EM.
    • ACEP Wellness Section Newsletter: The ACEP Wellness Section contains a multitude of wellness resources for the emergency physician. Specifically, the website contains an archive of wellness newsletters that discuss topics such as dealing with litigation, family/work balance, and burnout.
    • AMA Steps Forward Program: Interactive modules and strategies for physicians to revitalize practice and improve wellness. The module on improving physician resiliency is particularly useful.
    • Work and Well-Being Toolkit for Physicians: A comprehensive overview of physician wellness developed by the University of Colorado School of Medicine.
    • Standford Medicine WellMD: An excellent repository of wellness resources and the latest research on physician health and well-being. The center’s mission is "to improve the health and professional fulfillment of physicians and the associated health of their patients, their students, and other members of the medical teams they lead.” 
    • MD in the black:  Financial advice for physicians regarding debt management, loan repayment, financial advisors, disability insurance, life insurance,  investing and more.


  • National Suicide Helpline: 800-273-TALK
  • Maine Cumberland County Crisis Response: 207-774-HELP
  • Maine Domestic Violence Helpline: 1-866-834-HELP


Written by Tania D. Strout, PhD, RN, MS and Dave Lu, MD, FACEP